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Pepper Shot is an 8.5% derivative of 2,000,000 Oleoresin Capsicum pepper by volume. Percentages are important, but not the percentage of Oleoresin capsicum (OC). The percentage that is important is the percentage of Major Capsaicinoids (MC). That percentage in Pepper Shot is 1.2%.√óDismiss alert
It is strong enough to incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing any long-term injuries or health risks. One shot of this pepper spray is enough to cause pain, initiate swelling of the eyes, and make breathing difficult.
The secret to the effectiveness of pepper spray is the strength and heat of the pepper itself. At 1.4% MC, Wildfire offers one of the highest strength products on the market. Each burst of this powerful spray delivers pain-inducing, eye-swelling heat. It is enough heat to incapacitate an aggressor for up to 45 minutes.